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Let's face it folks, our country is in trouble. The economy is positioned for collapse, the adding of obamacare will be the proverbial straw to break the backs of all hard working Americans AND the businesses that we rely on every single day. The threat of amnesty will bring in millions of illegals here only for the handouts, if it's approved, within 2  years or less, there will be MORE people on assistance and subsidies than those who work, it doesn't take a math  major to know that cannot work.

Foreign policy is failing every single day, there isn't a country out there who considers America a strong nation in any sense anymore. In fact, there are a few countries who are ready and waiting to "step in" and take over RIGHT NOW!!

Most of you who have come to this page already know a good deal of what's happening and don't like what you see, some of you may have been just too busy trying to keep your own head above water and haven't been paying attention, that's okay, you're here now. I've created this page to put ALL the issues in one place WITH the information you need to DO SOMETHING TODAY about it!

And don't panic, if you see an issue that's followed by an actual event requiring physical presence and you cannot attend, that doesn't mean all is lost - I believe as do many people who are working individually or jointly on any or all of these that you can help in more ways than one. Does attending help the best? Sure, in most cases it does, but if you cannot go, maybe you know someone who can that may just need a few bucks in gas money to get there or you can drop them off or organize a ride. Or you can offer to donate or create something for others already going, maybe a sign or some bottled water, simple things go a long way.

I created this website to help me find information in ONE place and to help share it without having to remember numerous phone numbers or long website address, etc.. It is a work in progress, if you have information to help me update or add, please feel free to provide some contact information and I will review it as quickly as possible.

There are literally hundreds of scandals, treasonous actions and issues that need to be addressed, I will focus mainly on the big causes and events but will fit in as much information as possible as well.

My number one cause, if you will, is the administration in D.C. right now today, starting from the top down and including all three branches of government. I didn't vote for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, but when he was elected, I thought "well hey, maybe the best man won and let's hope he has what it takes" and I prayed for him and our country every single day. My prayers were answered not in the way I had hoped, I was being led to truths but it wasn't coming out of D.C. It didn't take long before I was awake to what was beginning to happen, all my worst fears being realized. My country was being ripped apart, Americans were becoming the audience for the largest sleight of hand magic show ever, while we were looking at a "big story" something was happening  behind the scenes that we learned about later. So I started doing some research on my own, silently I hoped I could find something, anything to calm my nerves and give me reason to relax. But no such luck, from the issue of Obama's eligibility to his ulterior motives, EVERYTHING was coming up suspect. All the pieces were fitting together and the picture wasn't even close to a country I would recognize nor one I would want my son to inherit.

Are you ready to do something? Well then let's start:

Date of Operation: "OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING - Beginning Of Tyranny Housecleaning, May 16, 2014, completion to be determined

We are past the point of no return, thus must move forward with an effort to save our nation, as there is no other choice. We are asking, pleading with you, and any others that have resources, national voices, email lists, blogs, FB, Twitter, to call for a non-violent American Spring May 16 2014 in Washington D.C. We must appeal to ten million and more American patriots to come and stay in Washington, D.C. to stop the White House and Congress from total destruction of the United States. It's now or never. God help us!


What is sharia law? What is dhimmitude? If you don't know now, you need to learn a little, and a little is enough to scare you into action, it did me.
Here is a brief video to start: Three Things About Islam

“I believe Shariah is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world as we know it,” Mr. Gingrich said in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute in Washington in July 2010 devoted to what he suggested were the hidden dangers of Islamic radicalism. “I think it’s that straightforward and that real.”

Do you believe working women should be molested?  A Saudi writer named Abdullah Mohammad Al Dawood does - he tweeted to over 97,000 of his followers urging them to molest working women at grocery stores to force them to stay home and protect their "chastity". He's so worried about their chastity he's asking men to molest them??!!

I could write pages and pages of atrocities against Christians, against Americans and other non-Muslim countries, they oppress their own women and children, raping, torturing, stoning and beheading them for no reason at all. If you think "so what? let them kill their own, it doesn't affect me" you're WRONG. They are here in our borders and they mean business, they have been planning for decades to build up their population, take over England first (they're doing a good job there) and then America. The largest mosque in the Nation is being built right down the road from me as a matter of fact - and it isn't a place of worship, it's a training facility, if you don't believe me, do some research.

Here is a link to a newsletter that arrives daily in my email, many stories and articles plus dozens of links to videos and books, check it out:

  This is a little new to me, but I've heard the premise before, and I like what I have read so far, you can receive updates by clicking on the image. From what I understand, our country's Founders provided for this option as a way to preserve our liberty by using our legitimate state governments to impose binding restraints on the federal government. We must use the power granted to the states IN the Constitution - SOUNDS GOOD TO ME! Read more here:

Obamacare is NOT about medical care nor insurance, quite frankly it is in complete opposition to health care and coverage. It is a step needed being forced down Americans throats that will allow socialism then communism. Obama admitted failure when he unilaterally and unlawfully delayed the employer mandate and waived verification of eligibility for government subsidies.His political decision delays the pain for big corporations until after the next elections. The American people deserve a waiver, too.

A June 2013 NBCNews/WSJ poll recorded 49% of respondents calling Obamacare a bad idea, its highest on record, while only 37% of Americans think Obamacare is a good idea. (update November 3, 2013: I've decided to leave this link here, it still works and the Don't Fund It website has videos and other links with good information; and I'm hoping this "law" will be repealed someway, somehow!!)

Americans need to keep and hold the jobs here in America, not have them go to illegal aliens; small businesses can't afford to be penalized for hiring an American citizen over an illegal - it's RIDICULOUS!! The crimes committed by illegal aliens AFTER they commit the first crime of getting here illegally is insurmountable UNLESS our voices are heard. The increase in our taxes is unthinkable to cover the costs associated with "instant" benefits for illegals, most of whom come from third world countries and are accustomed to living by gang rules, and most come here to live by that same set of rules to "get ahead" in America while we foot their bills. There is alot of information available at numerous sites, please visit and Immigration Reform Musts. Click the Stop Sign for lists on who stands where on this issue.

 We need to reform our tax system so the IRS no longer has an army of agents to police every aspect of our lives. We need a tax code that is simple, fair, flat, and that protects our freedoms. Click this photo and sign the petition. For more information on the IRS, check out these links: and

Make phone calls, keep reminding your senators and representatives that we have NOT forgotten, links to keep handy are : and Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods did not have to die, they should not have been allowed to die, who gave the stand down order? Keep demanding the truth.

Known as Common Core or in Texas, as CScope. It is the indoctrination of our children into low or no moral beliefs through the public school system and is growing by leaps and bounds. These may include teaching that God or Christian church is not acceptable and will not be respected yet at the same time allowing for religious freedoms to followers of Islam (i.e. Muslims) and is being forced on our kids as what is right, and required. Look up Springfield High School in Tennessee who REPLACED the 10 Commandments with the 5 Pillars of Islam for one example, another is Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary in Kansas who also displayed the same 5 Pillars on their wall. I could take the entire page here alone to provide instances of abuse in our schools in all areas. Teachers propagandize their political views, numerous reports and videos of children being taught songs and made to sing to the "praises of Obama". The "new" math is being taught as a way to dumb down our kids and "level the playing field" so that it's not about the right answer. What is math if it's not about the right answer? Do you want someone making change for you at a store or worse, working on your financials who learned new math and isn't concerned with the right answer on addition or multiplication? Click the yellow sign above to find out about your state (if you are in Texas see the CScope banner below this paragraph and click it). Click here to request a FREE VIDEO


It's never too late to brush up on some 2nd Amendment issues and gun ban facts, click the image to the left. This isn't a new issue and I doubt it will go away anytime soon, but I think Americans have gotten so lazy over the last several decades that corrupt politicians and government feel it's time to take advantage and use their insane logic to convince not only themselves but Americans that a gun ban is in our best interests. Sorry, this American has put alot of thought into this issue and there is NOTHING that can convince me that is nothing other than pure communism. If you don't believe me, let's ask some survivors from the Nazi Germany era or let's visit gun free cities such as Chicago and see how well gun bans are working out for the honest citizens. Or let's look at an entire country such as Australia, here is a video with accurate statistics: The Truth About Gun Control

Our food is poisoning us and the federal government is not only allowing it, they are PROFITING from it! Monsanto's earnings are over 100 million dollars in just a couple of years from under 10 million. Europe is kicking them to the curb, Putin  has voiced concerns about America allowing this diseased food to continue and it's killing off the bees that will eventually ruin the bees in Russia - this is HUGE! There are lots of articles, information, etc., at the link when you click the picture. Here is a video by a local Houston woman who nailed it. Robyn O'Brien:

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